Sunday, March 29, 2015
My name is Thomas Marcucci and I developed this site because I am an out of work Architect. The current economical state of our union finally caught up with my office and I was laid-off. The motto of this site will appear in several locations and I will tell it to you now. "No Architectural Project Is To Small. Bring The Good, The Bad, The Big, The Small. I'll Provide The Solutions". I believe that many Architectural firms overlook many projects that they deem too small and pass them over for larger ones. That is where I come in. Before I continue, let me explain the unusual name I chose for this site. It needs to be broken into two parts.
1.  If after I answer your questions you would like me to do the work for you, the first dollar you give will go to The Bensalem Animal Shelter.
2.  Working by and for myself I can offer less expensive services which goes along with the Dollar Store theme.
Here's how this works I want you to come to me with your questions and wish list items about your home. No modification is too small. For example; You have a large closet off your foyer that you think might make a great powder room. Ask me about it. 
Here is how our communication will work. I have set up a forum where you can post your questions to me. The link will be at the bottom of this post. You will not need to register. If possible include any photos or PDF's of any plans that would provide more information to me. The more information I have about the existing conditions, the more accurate my solution will be. This is strictly a questions and answers Forum. No money will be required unless you want me to help you with the next phase.
This site is an experiment to see if what I believe is true. What I believe is that there are people out there that want to do things to their homes and do not have a sounding board for their questions. Ask Me.
I am trying to limit this to the Bensalem, Bucks County Area. With the internet this may be difficult. If I get a large following I will do my best to respond. I can help those out of my area.

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Today I had the privilege of putting out flags on the grave sites of our veterans to prepare for the memorial holiday. It was part of my sons Tiger Cub Scouts Project. Every year they get together with our local V.F.W. and help them. It was a great chance for me and my son to do something together. He had no trouble understanding why we were there and how important they were. We were there for about 3 hours. There were plenty of volunteers. In all total 1500 flags were placed. When we were done we looked across the cemetery and the first word that came to mind was...sobering. This was the local cemetery in my home town of Bensalem. There was a sea of flags. Add up all the cemetery s of our country and the picture would be staggering. I told my son that this is what it took for our family to be able to live the life that we live. This Memorial Day will be particularly important for us as our nephew has just deployed with the Marines to Afghanistan, this is his first one. For the rest of the month when you drive past a cemetery take note of the amount of flags you see. Freedom is not free.     
Friday, May 14, 2010
Your home might not be everything that you want it to be but, you have a great starting point. One of the joys of Architecture is taking someone's current home and showing them what is possible through good design. In general many homeowners have a good basic design. Usually it lacks the individual details that makes it yours. Many of our homes are in developments, which means that somewhere in your neighborhood there is an almost carbon copy of your home. Sure there may be subtle differences from yours but, overall the same. There are ways through good design that can accentuate what you have and give your home true individuality over your neighbors. I can help you with this. Just use the forum on the top post and click on the link at the bottom.
Friday, April 2, 2010
Share At some point, we all examine our existing homes and try to imagine changes we could make. The problem that usually arises is that we cannot see all the necessary details of the problem to be able to arrive at a viable solution. This is where Architects accel. We have the ability to see all the details, take them apart and re-assemble them like a 3-d puzzle. Dialog between Architect and client is crucial to a successful project.

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